City of Dublin, CA Launches Shop Local Holiday Facebook Campaign

The City of Dublin, CA has partnered with the Dublin Chamber of Commerce to launch a Shop Local Holiday Campaign via Facebook. The goal of the campaign is to encourage and increase shopping around Dublin through the holidays. The campaign is a Dublin Chamber of Commerce led initiative that the City is supporting. The Chamber has launched a Facebook page designated for the Shop Local Holiday Campaign where businesses will be able to add their business profile, store promotions, product features, and store events.

Followers to the Facebook page will be notified of new postings and will be able to “like” an announcement or event. The information will then be displayed on followers’ personal profiles sharing the information with their network base and further promoting the campaign’s goal. Businesses with their own Facebook page will also be able to display the information on their site.

As explained in the classic Around Dublin Blog article titled the Virtuous Cycle of Buying From Locally-owned Businesses, when we spend that $1 at Dublin-based businesses, that dollar can become so much more thanks to an economic principle called “The Multiplier Effect.” The Multiplier effect describes the ripple effect local spending can have as businesses and their employees in turn spend their earnings in the same area, createing a virtuous cycle where a higher percentage of every dollar spent at locally-owned businesses gets redeployed back into the local community.

For additional information, please contact Hazel Wetherford, (925) 833-6650, City of Dublin.

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