East & West Dublin BART Corridor Enhancement Underway


The East and West Dublin BART Corridor Enhancement Project is underway with several of the aesthetic elements designed to improve the visual appeal of the Dublin Boulevard corridor and link neighborhoods through the transit-oriented area already installed. In 2005, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission granted the City of Dublin $3.4M of Federal Transportation Enhancement Activities fund for the approval of high-density housing near the East and West Dublin BART stations. Enhancements recommended in the Corridor Enhancement Project include median markers, wayfinding signs, city monument signs, and the gateway feature called the Eternal Ribbon at the southeastern corner of Dougherty Road and Dublin Boulevard.

Designed by the firm of Royston Hanamoto Alley & Abey, the Eternal Ribbon will be viewed daily by more than 60,000 motorists passing through the intersection. It is intended to announce arrival into the City and create a sense of place and excitement. The total cost of the project was approximately $3.7 million, with the balance coming from gas tax funds, not the City’s local property tax or sales tax revenue. This funding provides another example of why cities like Dublin have approved high-density and affordable housing projects. The State and Federal money is simply too hard to pass up.

Other improvements anticipated to be constructed include:

  • New median landscaping along Dublin Boulevard across the frontage of the proposed Historic Park near Donlon Way
  • Decorative median railings
  • New Bus Shelters
  • Sidewalk Widening
  • Bike Trail Improvements


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