Demis Hassabis mentioned AI must not move quickly and break things

According to Demis Hassabis, co-founder of Google Deepmind, which is one of the most successful artificial intelligence businesses in the United Kingdom, the developing industry should not take the same approach as the more established technology giants.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, devised the phrase "move quickly and break things" It was designed to promote swift innovation and company expansion.

For some, however, the term came to represent large technology companies acting rashly and causing disruption.

Mr. Hassabis mentioned that he does not believe they should advance quickly and break things as per the Silicon Valley mantra.

He believes that It has been tremendously successful in building massive companies and providing them with lots of great services and applications but AI is important.

AlphaFold, an artificial intelligence program being developed by DeepMind, has the potential to accelerate the discovery of novel medicines by predicting the structure of nearly every protein in the human body.

In 2016, an earlier product dubbed AlphaGo defeated the best human player of the Chinese strategy game Go. Later, the player quit the game, stating that there is a force that cannot be defeated. Tech bosses are pressing for governments to regulate the rapidly-evolving technology.

Over the next two days, approximately one hundred world leaders, tech executives, academics, and artificial intelligence (AI) researchers will convene at the UK's Bletchley Park campus.

They will participate in discussions regarding how to maximize the benefits of artificial intelligence while minimizing the risks, such as the discovery of new pharmaceuticals and the implementation of potential climate change solutions.

Mr. Hassabis referred to the most sophisticated forms of this technology as the "tip of the spear," which will be the focus of the summit. The summit's priorities include the menace of bio-terrorism and cyber attacks.

International delegates include Vice President of the United States Kamala Harris and President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen. Also dispatching a representative is China.

There have been some complaints that the guest list is dominated by American titans. 

Others have questioned whether this week's announcements from the United States and the G7 regarding AI safety have overshadowed the event, but Mr. Hassabis stated that the United Kingdom could still play "an important role" in shaping discussions.

Aidan Gomez, the founder of Cohere, has traveled from Toronto to the United Kingdom for the summit. His company was worth $2 billion in May of 2023. 

He added that he believed there were more imminent risks than the Terminator doomsday scenario, which he mentioned was more of a science fiction story.

He also stated that he believed there were more imminent threats than the doomsday scenario. The president noted that he would like to focus more near-term where there is concrete policy work to be done as the technology is not yet mature enough to prescribe pharmaceuticals to patients, where a mistake might cost a life.

The president also mentioned that he would like to focus more near-term where there is clear policy work to be done.