Iran sentences couple to 10 years jail time for dancing in public

Iranian officials have sentenced a couple to 10 years of jail time simply for dancing in public. The couple posted a video of them dancing on the streets near Tehran's Azadi (Freedom) Tower, which is a monument many consider a sign of personal freedom in Iran. After posting this video, the couple has been accused of corruption, prostitution, and running a propaganda campaign against the Iranian government. Iranian officials have been pretty stringent against the people who have taken part in ongoing protests. However, the couple did not agree to their dance having anything to do with these ongoing protests. This couple posted their video on their Instagram accounts which have over two million followers. A couple of Astiazh Haqiqi, 21, and Amir Mohammad Ahmadi, 22, has thus been charged with some of the most crucial charges by the Iranian officials which will be totaling jail time of ten years. 

Iran has many stringent regulations when it comes to women in the country. They have to follow a certain dress code assigned by the government when in public. These regulations have pushed Iranian women towards a period that restricts almost every movement by a woman. The situation became extremely volatile when Mahsa Amini, who was just 22 years old, died while in the custody of Iranian Police in September of last year. She was arrested by the Police because of not following the dress code set by the Iranian government which requires women to cover their hair with a hijab or headscarf. Because of her death, social activists and people seeking revolution started protesting nationwide. These protests have been targeting the Iranian government for its stringent regulations against women. On the other hand, the government has marked these anti-government protests as riots, which is a significantly violent word to explain the ongoing social outburst in the country. Similarly, sentencing a couple to a jail time of ten years just for a normal dance is just as outrageous. 

After the Instagram video of Astiazh Haqiqi went viral, the Iranian officials raided her home and then arrested her. Astiazh Haqiqi and her fiance, Amir Mohammad Ahmadi have a massive presence on Instagram, with both togetherly having a following of over two million. Astiazh Haqiqi is a fashion designer by profession, which is some of the most controversial works to have in the eyes of Iranian officials. Based on the accusations against Astiazh Haqiqi and her fiance, Amir Mohammad Ahmadi, they are in serious trouble as these charges carry significant weight. For their current situation, the couple has been restricted to use any social media for two years from now on along with restrictions regarding fleeing from the country. However, despite this, the Iranian government is estimated to continue facing protests from their population. This is because the use of extreme power by the officials has indeed encouraged the people of Iran to continue their protests. Along with this, other social issues such as rising poverty, unemployment, and corruption have created more chaos for the people of Iran, which is reflected in the protests.