Another batch of confidential documents found by Biden's attorneys

The legal team of President Joe Biden has found another secret stash of documents from Biden’s time as Vice President at another location. Previously, the first batch of confidential documents from the Obama-Biden administration was found at the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement. According to the reports, these documents included US intelligence memos regarding Ukraine, Iran, and the UK. This first batch was found in November by the attorneys from Biden’s legal team. Biden’s legal team immediately contacted the National Archives officials regarding the documents. Since then, Biden’s attorneys have been searching for the documents in other areas, of which they have found the second batch of documents. This is an embarrassing situation for the Biden administration as they have been targeting former President Donald Trump for the same reason. Until now, no information has been provided regarding which documents have been discovered in the second batch and where these documents were found. 

Holding on to legal confidential documents after the end of government service is a criminal offense according to US laws and regulations. All the confidential documents under the control of any person while in government service should be returned to the National Archives for proper documentation when their service ends. This is done to maintain the confidentiality of the position and its power intact. But both, former President Donald Trump and current President Joe Biden held on to these confidential documents after their service ended. Donald Trump held on to confidential documents when his service as the President of the US ended. While Biden held on to the confidential papers after his service as the Vice President in the Obama administration ended. Donald Trump is facing a criminal investigation for holding on to these documents while President Biden is pretty calm regarding the situation. The reason why both cases are being treated differently by the United States Department of Justice is the size of the stash of documents and the way both parties have handled the discovery of these documents. 

When Donald Trump was suspected by the National Archives of keeping hold of the documents, Trump and his team completely denied the claim. According to the National Archives, Trump was suspected to have hundreds of confidential documents, which was confirmed when Trump was issued with a subpoena. Despite the National Archives having video evidence of confidential documents being transferred, Trump and his team kept denying that they had any documents at all. Trump kept blaming the National Archives for taking matters to the US Department of Justice and even called the investigation illegitimate. On the other hand, the discovery of classified documents in the case of President Biden was reported by his legal team on the same day of discovery. Since the discovery, the Biden administration has been cooperating with the National Archives to recover all the documents which Biden may have kept under hold and missed handing back. The documents which were found at Biden’s private office were related to US intelligence, which immediately separates Biden’s case from Trump’s case.