Argentina dethrones France to take FIFA World Cup 2022 Trophy home

Argentina dethroned the defending champions, France to become the new companions of the FIFA World Cup. Argentina won the world cup last time in 1986 under the leadership of legendary football player, Diego Maradona. This year, Argentina was led by another football legend, Lionel Messi who scored two goals in the Final and converted his penalty kick. With these two goals, Messi scored seven goals throughout the tournament, offering him the award of Golden Ball at the 2022 FIFA World Cup. This world cup final was one of the most iconic finals in the history of FIFA as the game extended to the penalty shootout and included a remarkable hat trick by France’s Kylian Mbappé. Messi had announced that this will be his last world cup, and now that Argentina has managed to secure the Trophy. This completes Messi’s collection of trophies which was missing the FIFA World Cup trophy. 

When Argentina vs France in the final of the FIFA World Cup was announced, football fans were thrilled as it meant Messi and Mbappé, two of the biggest football stars, were coming face to face. The match did not fail to deliver on the fans' expectations as this time’s final became one of the most entertaining finals in FIFA history as the game ended in a penalty shootout. During the first half of the match, Argentina managed to take the hold of the game by scoring two goals. The first goal was scored by Messi after getting a penalty kick. The second goal was scored by Angel di Maria after receiving a pass from Messi. During the first half, Argentine fans were cheering as if they had already won the game. The match however took a complete turn when Kylian Mbappé scored two goals back to back to bring France back into the game. This brought football fans from both countries on their toes as the match went into extra time. During the extra time, Messi scored another goal for Argentina, thus once again turning the game. Argentine fans were sure this time that Argentina had won the game. But their happiness did not last long as France was awarded a penalty, which Mbappé successfully converted into a goal to match Argentina’s goal. At the end of extra time, both the teams had tied with a score of 3-3. 

So the final of the FIFA world cup came down to a penalty shootout. Argentina won the penalty shootout by 4-2 to secure the position as the winner of the 2022 FIFA world cup, for the second time in the history of FIFA. Argentine fans captured the stadium with their cheers and celebrations as Messi, the Argentine captain, lifted the FIFA trophy. Messi was in tears as this win completed his legacy in the best way possible. He had already announced that the 2022 FIFA World Cup will be his last one. So by winning the world cup, Argentina's team managed to offer a perfect sendoff to one of the best football players in the world right now. With this win, the 2022 World Cup became Messi’s world cup.