At least 30 killed in Russia's missile strike on Ukraine

In the latest missile strike from Russia on a residential complex in Ukraine, at least 30 deaths have been confirmed so far. This number has been confirmed by Ukrainian officials who have criticized the Russian military for attacking a civilian landmark. The people killed in this missile strike also included children who had nothing to do with the war, as stated by Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky. Russia targeted the residential area of Dnipro in its missile strike. According to Ukrainian officials, along with 30 deaths, 73 people have been wounded severely while the rescue team has managed to save 39 people in the aftermath of this missile strike. The city officials of Dnipro stated that more than 43 people are still missing and the rescue teams are doing their best to find these people. However, Borys Filatov, mayor of Dnipro city, has said that the chances of saving these people are extremely minimal based on the scale of damage. 

On the other hand, Russia has celebrated its attack on Ukraine by saying it has achieved its goal. The defense ministry of Russia announced on Sunday that the country has achieved its set goal by attacking all the designated targets. This was also confirmed by Russian President Vladimir Putin. President Putin told Russian state television that a special military operation has been going positively in Ukraine. Although neither he nor the Russian defense ministry directly addressed the attack on Ukraine’s residential area. President Putin was in contact with Rossiya 1 state television, where he said that everything has been going as per the plan of the Russian defense ministry and the military staff. He further said that he is expecting more wins from the Russian soldiers as they have managed to capture the town of Soledar which if true, will offer a crucial position to Russia in eastern Ukraine. However, Ukraine has still not accepted this claim of Russia, saying that the Ukrainian army is still heavily fighting for its control over the region. 

As Ukraine is doing its best to stand against the huge military arsenal of Russia, it is still significantly struggling in terms of artillery support. Last month, Ukrainian President Zelensky visited the US in an attempt to acquire artillery and financial support from the US. He talked to the US Congress and the US President, Joe Biden, who promised him that the US will provide every help that Ukraine needs as Russia is challenging democracy. The UK has also made a promise to Ukraine that it will be providing 14 Challenger 2 battle tanks to the Ukraine which are powerful enough to help the country propel exponentially against the Russian forces. But the UK made it clear that these German-made battle tanks will not be ready for delivery until 2024. While reacting to this promise by the UK, Russia said that this decision of the UK to aid Ukraine will only intensify things even more. NATO however has said that Ukraine will soon be receiving artillery support from western countries which will include more heavy weapons.