Committee suggests criminal charges against Trump for Capitol riots

The committee formed under US Congress to investigate the Capitol riots of last year has suggested four criminal charges against the former president, Donald Trump. These suggested charges also include insurrection charges for targeting the US government. This committee formed by the US Congress was led by the Democrats, which unanimously voted in favor of prosecuting Donald Trump under these criminal charges for last year’s riots which saw people slamming the congress in an attempt to hijack Joe Biden's signing as the new President of the US. This event took place on January 6, 2021, for which Trump has always denied having any involvement whatsoever. Trump called this decision of Congress by naming the deciding panel the “Kangaroo Court”.

Donald Trump has been one of the controversial figures in US politics for sure. When Trump lost the 2020 Presidential election, he and his supporters were not displeased by the results. Many, including Trump, called these results bogus and fabricated at that time. During that time, Trump made several social media posts slamming the Democrats and Joe Biden for using inappropriate actions to gain an edge over him in the 2020 Presidential elections. His Twitter post garnered the attention of his fans, which many believe, caused the riots in the US Capitol. Thousands of Trump supporters stormed the US Capitol intending to stop Biden's acceptance as the new President of the US. Because of such actions, even Twitter blocked Trump’s account on the grounds of attempting to spread hate speech and spreading misinformation. Because of this, the US Congress led by the Democrats launched an investigation against Trump to assess his involvement in the Capitol riots. This committee investigated for 18 months all the events which occurred during the Capitol riots. After completing their investigation the committee suggested that Donald Trump is liable to be prosecuted by the justice department of the US. The committee suggested four criminal charges Inciting, assisting, aiding, or comforting an insurrection, Obstruction of an official proceeding, Conspiracy to defraud the United States, and Conspiracy to make a false statement. 

These charges suggested by the committee are just suggestions, that the justice department is not bound to follow at all. The justice department of the US is already planning to charge Donald Trump. The head of the committee appointed by the US Congress said that the suggested charges are the roadmap to justice. Jamie Raskin, a member of the panel and a member of the Democratic party, said that insurrection is a rebellion against the US government, which is a serious offense, as suggested by the US constitution itself. The committee, in their 161-page report, said that Mr. Trump proposed a "multi-part conspiracy" to divert the voters and to manipulate their will using misinformation and spreading lies. According to the committee, Trump was aware of his lies and their consequences but still chose to continue spreading them, while also targeting other authorities and public bodies into supporting his lies to bring him into power once again. The committee said that Trump deliberately fueled the riots against US Congress in an attempt to halt the shift of power to Joe Biden.