Fitbit and Google's new wearable healthcare analytics service

Fitbit Health Solutions and Google Cloud announced that together they will be launching an analytics service for the healthcare and life science sector. This analytics service will help the healthcare and life science industry to better understand the vital signs of their patients, thus helping in the diagnosis and treatment of many lifestyle-based diseases. The analytics service will provide the data collected from the wearables to the researchers in the healthcare and life science sectors. Google Cloud has developed and is termed the Device Connect for Fitbit. This application will be coming as a pre-pre-built application with the Fitbit wearables. It is a consent-based health tracker where the user can give their consent for Fitbit and Google to use their health-related data for healthcare and life science research. Once-given consent, this application can effectively collect all the health-related data of the user and send it to Google and Fitbit, which can then provide this collected information to the researchers. Patients can decide to whom this data is being shared and monitor the use of data and the study where it is being used. Along with this, Device Connect for Fitbit has other integrations provided by Google Cloud. Fitbit data connector Fitbit data connector is the most helpful tool provided by Device Connect for Fitbit. For a start, the Fitbit data connector is an open-source data connector that provides features such as automated data normalization and integration. This data can be effectively used by the researchers using the Google Cloud BigQuery for using the advanced analytical services of the platform. Along with this, it has integrated support for the upcoming digital healthcare standards such as the Open mHealth. It offers interoperability with the clinical data when using the Cloud Healthcare API for machine learning and deep learning capabilities of the AI or to train the AI for automation purposes. Pre-built analytics dashboard The prebuilt analytics dashboard allows the researchers to analyze and look at the data in real-time. It also lets healthcare researchers analyze cases to better understand something and to obtain rapid outcomes. AI and machine learning tools AI in healthcare is one of the most useful tools as it allows process automation and increases the pace of decision-making. Because of this, Google Cloud comes with AI and machine learning capabilities integrated into the system for providing better filtered and precise outcomes for the researchers. It uses various AI-based and ML-based tools that are designed by Google Research. Alissa Hsu Lynch, the global lead for Medtech strategy and solutions at Google Cloud, said that the solution created in collaboration with one of the leading wearables companies, Fitbit will help researchers and healthcare providers to better access and monitor patient data outside of the hospital setting. This helps the healthcare providers to provide better service to the patients sitting in the comfort of their homes. This will also help the researcher to better understand the patient's behavior in a certain medical condition. Google and Fitbit are expected to fully utilize Google's advanced cloud services, to better integrate the healthcare services.