George Santos now selling $200 videos on Cameo

The Republican congressman George Santos, whom the United States House of Representatives expelled last week, is now peddling videos on the Cameo website.

Mr. Santos, who on the platform refers to himself as a "former congressional icon," is offering personalised messages that he has recorded for a price of $200 (£159) each. He became the sixth lawmaker in House history to be expelled on Friday.

It followed a damning ethics report from the House that accused him of deception and lying.

The commission accused him, among other things, of devoting campaign funds to Botox treatments, credit card debt, and OnlyFans, a platform in which users pay for pornographic content.

Mr. Santos designates himself on his cameo profile as "the Expelled Member of Congress from New York City."

The Cameo service enables admirers to purchase customised video messages featuring their preferred personalities.

Senator John Fetterman of Pennsylvania paid the New Yorker to publish a video in which Mr. Santos provides counsel to bribery-accused Democratic New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez.

Additional videos published by the former congressman centred on commonplace subjects, providing guidance on aesthetic procedures and exercise regimens.

The former congressman for Long Island states in one video to a client, "Botox keeps you youthful, fillers keep you plump."

He mentioned that refrain from allowing the hatred of others to affect you. Haters will continue to detest and moreover, having detractors indicates that you are succeeding.

In an additional video message, he extends birthday greetings to a former constituent and converses with an injured gym enthusiast: "I appreciate that your siblings refer to you as the Chaos Child, as that is how I am known within my household; therefore, we share that trait."

It appears that each of the sample videos was captured from a consistent angle, featuring a bookshelf and plant in the backdrop.

As per reports from US media outlets, Mr. Santos had previously priced the videos at $75 before increasing the price to $150, and subsequently to $200. However, he is not the initial politician to offer for sale content on the website.

During the previous year, Sarah Palin, who had previously run for vice president and served as governor of Alaska, revealed in a report to Congress that she had accumulated an incredible sum of $211,529 from the sale of recordings that were available on the website.

In the year 2021, Nigel Farage, who had previously served as the head of the Brexit Party, caused a stir in the United Kingdom by sending out a letter in which he proclaimed his support for the Irish Republican Army (IRA).

A number of individuals have expressed their concern for the future of Mr. Santos, which has been brought to their attention.

He had no prior experience in the political sphere, and he was elected one year and eleven months after the election. Over the course of time since then, he has made a veiled reference to the idea that he would one day take part in the reality television show Dancing with the Stars.