Israel's defense minister cleaner imprisoned for trying to eavesdrop for hackers with ties to Iran

Omri Goren Gorochovsky, 37, a native of Lod, a city in central Israel, was detained on November 4 according to the indictment released by the justice ministry of Israel. There are concerns about how Gorochovsky was employed to work in the home of one of Israel's top security officers given that an arrest warrant for him said that he had a lengthy criminal past, including five convictions and prison time spent for different acts, including bank robbery. Gorochovsky never had access to "classified materials," according to a separate statement from the domestic security organization Shin Bet, and as a result, he was unable to successfully divulge state secrets. According to the indictment, Gorochovsky and his companion were employed as cleaners in Gantz's house in Rosh Haayin, a suburb of Tel Aviv. An Israeli Internet service provider was the subject of an assault by the Black Shadow hackers late last month, which received extensive media coverage. "Associated with Iran" is how Gorochovsky refers to Black Shadow in its charge sheet. Gorochovsky allegedly got in touch with Black Shadow over Telegram on or around October 31 after the well-publicized cyberattack and offered to share information from Gantz's residence. Israel claims that the suspect "identified himself as someone working at the home of the Israeli minister of defense and stressed his ability to serve the group in various ways.", which claims the suspect used a phony name. By the accusation sheet, Gorochovsky allegedly advised a Black Shadow representative that in exchange for a "financial sum," he would transmit data using malware that would be inserted via a USB drive. The indictment claims that Gorochovsky submitted pictures of various items in the minister's home to demonstrate his authenticity. Gantz's office desk, a package with a sticker revealing an IP address, mementos from his time as Israel's army chief of staff in the past, family pictures, and a receipt for a property tax payment were among them. Gorochovsky was detained just days after he contacted Black Shadow, according to the Shin Bet, thwarting the espionage plot. Israeli public radio quoted Gorochovsky's attorney Gal Wolf as saying that the indictment "increased in volume and in a manner that does not at all match the evidence." The client wolf represents firmly rejects the attempt to jeopardize state security. In the end, his act did not endanger national security, Wolf stated. The hacking outfit, which denies any connection to Iran, the longtime enemy of Israel, has been held responsible for several attacks on Israel's internet infrastructure. The most recent incident was the publication of sensitive personal data, including HIV status, from as many as a million users, after it got into the database of the biggest Israeli LGBTQ dating service. The organization has also infiltrated an Israeli insurance firm, stealing and exposing data when their ransom demand was not satisfied. The Black Shadow cyberattacks are considered part of a years-long secret conflict between Israel and Iran, which includes physical strikes on ships and offensive cyber actions online. The Shin Bet said it has opened an investigation into Gorochovsky's case " to avoid the possibility of such situations occurring in the future."