James Cameron: Avatar 4 has begun production

James Cameron, the director of the Avatar franchise, announced at the D23 Expo, that a 4th addition to the Avatar franchise, has begun its production. This news came as a surprise to the people at the expo and the millions of fans as a surprise, because Avatar 2, is yet to hit the box office. The D23 expo is termed the ultimate Disney fans expo, where fans get to know about what the Disney production house has in store for them throughout the year. At the D23 Expo, James Cameron joined the event virtually, to announce the development of the Avatar franchise. Cameron stated that Avatar 2 has completed its production and is now at the final stages of the post-production phase. The film is set to be released on Dec 16, 2022. Avatar 2 has the official name Avatar: Way of Water. The movie features the new adventures of the Na’vi tribe which proceeds in the aquatic habitat of the planet Pandora. Continuing with the announcement, Cameron showed a 3D scene from the Avatar: Way of Water, which showed a beautiful view of the aquatic life on Pandora, the wild environment of the planet, and the characters portrayed by Zoe Saldana, Sam Worthington, and Sigourney Weaver. Zoe and Sam have portrayed the roles of the main protagonists in the movie. Stating about the future of the franchise, James Cameron said that Avatar 3 is in the filming stage and Avatar 4 has started its production. The Avatar franchise heavily relies on computer rendering, VFX, and CGI elements, as the film portrays a fictional world of the planet Pandora. The first movie of the franchise, which was named Avatar, was released on December 10, 2009. The second movie in the franchise, Avatar: Way of Water, is releasing almost 13 years after the release of the first film. The reason behind such a delay in the release of Avatar 2, is the lengthy post-production process. As the movie heavily relies on computer rendering, it takes significant time to achieve the perfection, for which the director James Cameron is known. As the first movie was under production in 2006, Cameron had announced that he will be interested in making the film a franchise, if the first movie succeeds at the box office. Avatar, after release, was heavily praised by the fans and movie critics for being revolutionary in terms of CGI, while producing an engaging story. The movie soon became the highest-grossing film ever, collecting almost $2.79 billion globally. In a response to this, James Cameron and Fox Studios announced that there will be two sequences for the first movie. Later during the production phase of the second movie, the number of sequences was increased to three, making Avatar a franchise of four movies. To avoid further delays, Cameron and Fox Studios have focused on increasing the pacing of filming and the overall production process, which allows the post-filing phase to have enough time. The improved technologies in CGI and VFX have also helped the franchise in bringing down the period of development. All these points explain why Avatar 4 has entered its production phase. This suggests that to watch the next two movies in the franchise, we will not have to wait for 13 years as we waited for the second movie.