John Deere provides "Right to Repair" to US farmers

American agriculture machinery manufacturer, John Deere has agreed to provide the Right to Repair to the US farmers, which will allow them to fix their John Deere equipment by themselves. Before this. The farmers were bound to only use spare parts that are authorized by John Deere, that too only at the authorized service centers of John Deere company. Because of this, the farmers had no other option than to visit these service centers and pay for authorized parts which are often overpriced. This Right to Repair for the US farmers has come up after years of struggles and calls from consumer forums to many companies including John Deere.

John Deere is one of the largest equipment manufacturing companies across the globe as it is known for manufacturing well-built and reliable machinery and equipment. John Deere is particularly known for their tractors which farmers use all around the world. These tractors are so good that the average lifespan of a John Deere is up to 4,000 hours. It can also go for as high as 10,000 hours with the right maintenance and care. But when it comes to repairing the tractor after any defect, farmers have no other way but to wait for their technician to arrive or to visit the nearest service center. This is because all John Deere tractors are blocked for any unofficial repairs using the software. This embedded software allows the company to restrict unofficial repair shops and farmers from accessing the internals of their tractors. Along with it, John Deere has introduced specialized engineering which requires the repairing professional to only use the official repair tools if they want to have their hands on the equipment. 

But even if someone chooses to go for the official way of repairing, they are met with unfathomable waiting times. In agriculture, time is one of the most crucial aspects as almost all operations are dependent on weather conditions and seasonal changes. But farmers have to wait for several days to get their equipment and tractors fixed by the official employees. It often results in massive wastage for the farmers. This wastage caused by farmers left with nothing but waiting for official repairs is the biggest reason behind their ask for the right to repair. The American Farm Bureau Federation and the US farmers were fighting with the company for many years. Finally, the farmers have won the battle as the American Farm Bureau Federation and Deere & Co. have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU). 

In 2022, Apple, one of the companies notoriously known for restricting its customers from repairing their devices, agreed to offer repair rights to their customers. In this, Apple announced that it will be training third-party repair shops about how to repair Apple devices and will provide official Apple parts and repair kits. This allowed users from other industries such as agriculture to increase their efforts, which has worked in favor of the US farmers. Zippy Duvall, the AFBF President said that this has addressed the issues faced by farmers in the country while also maintaining the IP rights of John Deere. John Deere also said that it is looking forward to working with the AFBF.