Mass protests in Israel after Netanyahu fired defense minister

Tens of thousands of Israelis have walked to the streets following the dismissal of the defense minister by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. 

Yoav Gallant had criticized controversial proposals to overhaul the justice system. At Mr. Netanyahu's home in Jerusalem, police and troops used water cannons upon protestors. 

Early on Monday morning, Israeli President Isaac Herzog demanded that the measures be halted. He mentioned to sources to stop the legislative process immediately for the sake of the people of Israel and for the sake of responsibility. He added that the eyes of all the people of Israel were on the government.

The United States likewise expressed grave worry about the events and appealed for a compromise. A week of disruption was planned in response to the new law. The reforms include provisions that would grant the government complete control over the committee responsible for appointing judges. They would also make it more difficult for courts to remove a leader considered unsuitable for office, which has infuriated many who perceive it to be in the best interests of incumbent Benjamin Netanyahu, who is currently facing a corruption prosecution.

Mr. Netanyahu asserts that the reforms are intended to prevent the courts from abusing their authority and that the public voted for them in the past election. The demonstrators, many of whom were carrying Israeli flags and banging pots and pans, avoided police to reach the Knesset, Israel's parliament, after protesting outside Mr. Netanyahu's home.

One government worker told the sources that in her opinion, Mr. Netanyahu has broken every line they have as a democratic nation. She mentioned that they are protecting the last vestige of their democracy, and they cannot sleep in this state. I am powerless till we end this insanity "She stated. Flag-waving protests stopped one of Tel Aviv's major thoroughfares for more than two hours before being dispersed by mounted police and water cannons. 

Mr. Gallant is a former soldier who has heard for weeks from frustrated reservists about the potential law change. In an unusual protest against the government, fighter pilots from an elite Israeli Air Force squadron vowed not to attend training at the beginning of March. Later, they agreed to meet and speak with their leaders. Saturday, Mr. Gallant came out against the law, stating that members of the Israeli Defense Forces were unhappy and dissatisfied. 

Mr Netanyahu, who was overseas during Mr Gallant's television appearance, stated that he no longer had confidence in him as defense minister. The prime minister intends to have the new legislation passed by the end of the week. 

The two lawmakers are members of the same Likud party, and while some fellow members supported the defense minister, others on the extreme right demanded that he resign. After being sacked, Mr. Gallant reaffirmed to sources that the security of Israel has always been and will always be his life's objective.  

Yair Lapid, the leader of Israel's opposition, condemned Mr. Gallant's dismissal as "a new low" for the administration. As the president recently shared with Prime Minister Netanyahu, democratic values have long defined the US-Israel relationship and must continue to do so.