Porsche recently modified their legendary Porsche 911 sports car into an off-road beast

Porsche, a German automaker, offers a selection of SUVs for off-road use. And they just unveiled the legendary Porsche 911 sports vehicle to remove it from circulation.

The new 911 Dakar, which was inspired by the Paris-Dakar off-road rally, rides two inches higher off the ground than a standard 911 and has large knobby tires. It was created to seem like a particularly ultimate 911, the first to have all-wheel drive, which won the 1994 Paris to Dakar race.

For decades, Porsche 911 fans have been discussing their own version of the off-road Porsche 911. Taking inspiration from the brand's history of rally racing, vintage Porsches with huge tires and occasionally higher suspensions are frequently seen bouncing over deserts and flinging through muddy corners. These variants of the 911 are typically referred to as "Porsche 911 Safari." Now Porsche is seizing a portion of that market.

Porsche isn't the only manufacturer combining them, with SUVs accounting for an ever-increasing percentage of sales even for sports car manufacturers. The 10-cylinder Huracán supercar will also soon be available in an off-road-capable form, announced by Lamborghini. The Volkswagen Group includes both Porsche and Lamborghini.

When the increased ground clearance isn't enough, the 911 Dakar can lift itself an additional 1.2 inches to climb over bigger obstacles. The automobile can only go at a peak speed of 105 miles per hour at that altitude. With its 6 cylinder engine's 473 horsepower, the 911 Dakar can go from 0 to 60 mph in 3.2 seconds at its standard ride height. Its cruising speed is 150 mph.

According to Porsche, the car's computer-controlled stability system and four-wheel steering system, which allows the back wheels to spin somewhat in addition to the front, have been particularly calibrated to handle loose mud and gravel conditions. Rallye Mode and Off-Road Mode are the only two selectable driving modes designed particularly for usage off asphalt. While Off-Road Mode lifts the car automatically for driving over loose ground and harsher terrain, Rallye Mode is meant for reasonably smooth dirt or gravel roads.

Porsche 911 will be exceptionally expensive. The prices start at $222,000, but the cars will undoubtedly sell for much more with different options. The next US spring will see the release of this buzzing vehicle. Porsche claims that just 2500 will be produced.

911 GT3, a high performance, track-focused version of the 911, uses the same carbon fiber hood as 911 Dakar. In contrast to typical 911 variants, the Dakar 911 does not have a backseat to further reduce weight. The windows also have lightweight glass.

The offered intriguing features in the fascinating include a roof basket that can accommodate up to 92 pounds of gear, a rooftop tent, and an electrical connection for lighting. The car gives an optional Rally Design Package that has a white and dark blue paint makeover inspired by the rally champion 911 from 1984. Customers can select a race number with up to three digits with that paint scheme.