Putin ends START treaty to pose nuclear threats to Ukraine and its allies

Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced the suspension of the New START nuclear treaty to pose nuclear threats to Ukraine and its allies. The New Start treaty was signed back in 2010 by then-US President Barack Obama and then-Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. The objective of this treaty was to limit the number of nuclear warheads the US and Russia can deploy. Thus Putin announced the suspension of this treaty poses nuclear threats to Ukraine and its allies, particularly the western countries. Putin has already said that he is ready to use all the measures, which also include the nuclear arsenal which Russia possesses. Putin made these statements just a couple of days ahead when Russia will be celebrating the anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine this Friday. 

The Ukraine visit of US President Joe Biden seems to have increased the stress between Russia and NATO members, particularly the western countries based on comments made by Russian President Putin. During his visit to Kyiv, Biden paid significant attention to the strength of western democracy and their intentions of preserving democracy in Ukraine. On the other hand, Putin has been comparing the west to Nazi Germany. Putin also believes that the west has turned Ukraine into neo-Nazis who have been acting against Russia. To this, Biden said that Putin thought the world will just accept what he has done but he is wrong. Biden further made it clear that the NATO forces are more united than ever and that Kyiv has stood strong. He also assured that the Western support for Ukraine will never fail. 

Biden used the Polish train to get to Kyiv and then return to Poland. Polish President Andrzej Duda especially welcomed US President Biden to Warsaw's royal castle, one of the most prestigious places in Poland. Addressing Biden’s visit to Ukraine, Polish President Andrzej Duda said that by visiting Ukraine during such tough times, Biden has shown that the free world fears no one. He further added that NATO acts to defend and support the free world and that Ukraine must win this war. 

On the Russian side, although Russian President Putin is hinting at the use of nuclear weapons to corner Ukrainian forces and its allies, he barely has made comments regarding the current position of Russian forces and how the war is progressing from the Russian side. The Wagner group of mercenaries made accusations against the chief of staff and Russian defense minister of acting against the group and deserting its weapon supplies. The suspension of the New START treaty is the only solid statement that Putin has delivered during his speech. While addressing the Russian Parliament, President Putin indeed said that the war was started by them, meaning Ukraine and its western allies, and Russia is using every force to stop it. The Russian foreign ministry has already accused the US of sending their military forces and equipment. The Russian foreign ministry said that Washington should immediately withdraw all the US-Nato forces and equipment present on Ukrainian grounds, despite having no solid proof of the US sending their troops to assist Ukraine.