Queen Elizabeth dies at the age of 96

Queen Elizabeth died yesterday at the age of 96 years old. It was declared to the public yesterday, Sep 8, 2022, at 6:30 pm GMT, that Queen Elizabeth II has passed. Earlier, all the members of the royal family gathered at the Balmoral Castle, as doctors put Queen Elizabeth under medical supervision, as her condition worsened. Later, she was declared dead by the doctors. Since crowned as the Queen in 1952, Queen served as the Monarch for around 70 years. Queen was suffering from health issues for the past few months, which is why she was shifted to the Balmoral Castle, Queen’s Scotland residence where she used to visit during summer for rest. Because of this, the oath ceremony of the newly appointed PM, Liz Truss, was also conducted at Balmoral Castle, rather than at Buckingham Palace. The ceremony was conducted in the Queen's presence, where ex-prime minister Boris Johnson handed out his resignation. Liz Truss then took the oath as the country’s new prime minister and formed her cabinet in the presence of Monarchs. It was reported that prime minister Truss, was informed of the Queen’s death two hours earlier than the public announcement. Queen’s son King Charles III regarded the event as a moment of sadness, a moment that will be deeply felt all over the world. Upon the passing of Queen Elizabeth, her son, King Charles III will be appointed as the new King of the country, and as the new Monarch. King Charles, his wife, and now the new Queen Consort, Camilla, and the family will visit Buckingham palace today Sep 9, 2022, to address the nation about the loss. King Charles III will also take the crown as the new king. The full name of King Charles III is Charles Philip Arthur George. Out of this, he chose to be called King Charles III. The prime minister, Liz Truss said that Queen Elizabeth was the pavement for shaping up modern Britain, providing the required stability and strength for the country to reign supreme. Further, she added that the newly chosen King Charles III will be receiving our loyalty and devotion just like we did for his mother, Queen Elizabeth III. Throughout her reign of 70 years, the queen witnessed many significant changes changing the way the country interacted with the neighboring countries and the world. She was at the forefront of changes such as the change from empire to the commonwealth, the Cold War, and the UK’s entry and exit from the European Union. During her reign as the Monarch, the UK witnessed 15 ministers, starting with the iconic Winston Churchill and now the newly appointed, Liz Truss. As a response to the Queen’s death, the union flag at Buckingham Palace was lowered to the mast at 6:30 pm, when the Queen’s death was publicly announced. People gathered at the palace to get news about the queen's health quickly turned into an emotional state as they heard the news of the Queen's passing. The official notice, citing the Queen’s death, was displayed at the gates of Buckingham Palace.