Republicans: Prosecuting Donald Trump would be politically driven

According to senior Republicans, prosecuting Donald Trump would be a politically motivated move by his opponents. Sources mentioned that the former president of the United States stated on Saturday that his arrest may occur the following week. However, Democrats have stated that no one is above the law and have accused Trump of recklessly sowing political discord.

Prior to the 2016 presidential election, Mr. Trump's attorney allegedly paid porn star Stormy Daniels hush money on his behalf. The 76-year-old is also the subject of a number of other investigations, though he has not been charged in any and denies wrongdoing. 

According to Mr.Trump, he will continue his campaign to become the republican presidential nominee in 2024 even if he is prosecuted. It is unknown if he will face criminal charges or, beyond the most basic information, what an indictment may contain.

The former vice president of the United States, Mike Pence, and the most senior Republican in the United States Congress, Kevin McCarthy, have both spoken out against criminal prosecution. Mr. Pence mentioned to sources that Manhattan district attorney Alvin Bragg, a Democrat, was conducting a "politically motivated prosecution" against Mr. Trump. 

Mr. Pence stated, "I'm stunned by the idea of indicting a former president of the United States during a crime wave in New York City." "The fact that the Manhattan DA considers indicting President Trump to be his highest priority says everything you need to know about the radical left in this country," he told the sources. Mr. Trump demanded mass protests from his supporters and accused Mr. Bragg's office of "illegal leaks" in his Saturday statement.

Mr. Pence, when asked about the call for protests, stated that US citizens have a "constitutional right to peacefully assemble," but that any action must be "peaceful and lawful." Kevin McCarthy, speaker of the United States House of Representatives, described the investigation as "an outrageous abuse of power by a radical DA." In addition, he promised to investigate whether federal funds were used to sway elections "through politically motivated prosecutions." Mr. Trump was accused by Democrats of sowing political discord with his statements.

Senator Elizabeth Warren, a Democrat, mentioned that "no one is above the law," including a former president, and that any investigation must be "allowed to proceed appropriately." "There is no reason to object. This is the law operating without fear or favor for anyone, as it should "She stated. Nancy Pelosi, Mr McCarthy's predecessor as House Speaker, echoed Ms Warren's sentiments, adding that Mr Trump's comments were "reckless" and intended to "keep himself in the news and sow discord among his supporters."

She mentioned that his violations of the law, disregard for the elections and that the incitement to violence cannot be concealed. Our legal system will determine how he will be held accountable "She mentioned. Stormy Daniels case centers on how Mr. Trump reimbursed his attorney Michael Cohen for the $130,000 that he had paid Ms Daniels before the election in 2016. The reimbursement record for Mr. Cohen indicates that the payment was for "legal fees." Prosecutors may conclude that Mr. Trump has falsified business records, which is a misdemeanor in New York.