Republicans take control of US House of Representatives

The Republican Party has managed to secure a majority in the US House of Representatives and to take the control of the House away from the Biden Administration. The Republicans won a total of 218 seats to capture a majority in the House. The Democrats won 208 seats in total, while the counting is still going on for eight more seats. But even though Democrats win these eight seats, the majority will remain in the hands of the Republicans. With this majority, Republicans will be leading the 118th U.S. Congress assembly scheduled in January 2023. 

The Republican Party had a disappointing performance in the Senate elections. Republicans lost to the Democrats even though they just needed to capture 5 seats to get a majority in the Senate elections. But due to many complications throughout the week before the Midterm elections, Republicans failed to do so. Hence, winning the House elections was necessary for them to have at least some level of control in US politics. The complications with the Republicans such as Trump’s involvement, polarization in the party, and poor focus on core problems cost Republicans the Senate elections. Before the elections, it was believed that the “red wave” will completely dethrone the Democrats in Senate elections as well as in House elections. But Republicans completely lost in Senate elections and barely managed to get a majority in the election for the US House of Representatives. The House of Representatives was previously controlled by the Democrats after their win in the 2018 Midterm elections. Democrats also had a slim majority over Republicans during their run, but their control over the House increased after Biden’s win during the 2020 Presidential election. 

Now that the control of the House is in the hands of Republicans, the problems for President Biden are about to get more intense. Biden is already facing many accusations during the post-pandemic era regarding how he has handled leading public issues such as the falling economy, massive layoffs, increasing cost of living, rising crimes, and many more. During the first House Assembly in January, it is expected that the Republicans will target these issues to corner President Joe Biden. Republicans have pledged to initiate several investigations against the President regarding several topics such as the business dealings of President Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, the Withdrawal of the US military from Afghanistan, and many more.

Republicans were much more focused on the House elections than they were on the Senate elections. And this loss of focus can be blamed on ex-president Donald Trump, who threatened Republicans of announcing his Presidential campaign before the Midterm elections, which would have completely changed the outcome for Republicans. Trump’s involvement seriously polarized the party into a group that was in favor of Trump and his MAGA movement and a group that was not. 

Meanwhile, the House of Representatives still has to elect a speaker for January’s House Assembly. President Joe Biden, on the other hand, said that he is willing to work with anyone willing to work with him in delivering his results, no matter if they are Democrats or Republicans. He later congratulated the Minority leader, Kevin McCarthy, for being victorious during the House elections.