Rishi Sunak, UK's third new Prime Minister in a year

Rishi Sunak has become the new prime minister of the UK after Liz Truss resigned from the post of prime minister this week. Liz Truss resigned as prime minister on Oct 20, 2022, after baking backlash for her failed budget strategies which led to market turmoil. After that, the race for a new PM started where Rishi Sunak was already leading. Rishi Sunek was also aiming for the post of prime minister when Boris Johnson resigned, which he lost to Liz Truss. But with Truss being out of the prime minister’s office within just 44 days of being elected, Rishi has now become the new PM of the UK. This also made Truss the PM with the shortest reign in the country's history. 

Rishi Sunak is becoming the PM of the UK in one of the toughest times. Liz Truss was faced with similar tense situations, but her actions related to tax-cutting and budget management strategies have worsened the situation for the UK's economy and Sunak. Hence, he will have little to no time to enjoy his time as elected for one of the highest positions in any country’s government. There are many firsts for Rishi Sunak. Rishi Sunak is the first prime minister of the UK with an Indian background. He is the first PM under the newly elected Monarch, King Charles III. He is the first non-white person or person of color to become the PM. He is also the youngest PM in the last 200 years. 

He addressed the nation on Tuesday at 10 Downing Street, waving hands at the public along with his wife. During his statement, Sunak acknowledged Truss's vision to bring the UK's economy back on track. He stated that the vision Truss had and the steps she took for fixing the UK's economy were noble and had great intentions, but were followed by mistakes. While directly addressing the UK’s public, Sunak stated that the trust is earned and he will be putting his efforts into earning the trust of the UK’s public. Sunak further continued that he will be leading the country in the future, while keeping the public needs ahead of politics and will be focused on creating a government that will represent the party’s best values. He further stated that the UK government under his leadership will make the most out of the opportunities created through Brexit. 

Rishi Sunak will be facing the opposition today, for the first time as the prime minister of the country. The opposition is expected to react harshly due to the current state of the country’s economy and the political disputes in the ruling party. Sunak has announced that he will be cleaning up the mistakes made by Liz Truss with her budget strategies. So, Sunak’s parliament session with the opposition is expected to test his vision and skills as the new prime minister. Sunak has reappointed many ministers as a part of his government, including Jeremy Hunt as the chancellor. Sunak also brought back Suella Braverman, the previous home secretary who was fired during Truss’s run as prime minister. Sunak’s government is said to represent a unified party with a cabinet of ministers with sufficient experience to support the country during tough times.