Stop 'culture of hatred', urges mother of boy shot in US

A mother from Scotland, whose son was fatally shot in the United States, has demanded an end to the nation's "culture of hostility." Utah detectives are convinced that a 15-year-old pupil who had received a handgun as a gift from his grandfather murdered Rory Swimm.

The demise of his American father Robb and his Glasgow-born mother Susan is desired to instigate transformation. Susan stated that his passing had devastated acquaintances worldwide.

Susan, speaking from the family residence in Colorado, stated: "A devastation tsunami has swept through Scotland, Switzerland, Utah, Seattle, Washington, and Montana. She asserts that young adolescents must be instructed "to be kind and to have empathy for others" as early as possible.

Rory, who was born in Dundee and was a dual citizen of the United Kingdom and the United States, passed away in Salt Lake City, Utah, one week following his 23rd birthday.

The parents' anguish has been exacerbated by further information they obtained regarding the 15-year-old suspect in their son's murder.

They sincerely hope that his passing will have a positive impact, despite the apparent impossibility of that in a nation so polarised over gun rights and control.

Robb stated to sources that although it may not be the most significant, tragic, or worst-case scenario, the homicide occurred solely on account of the firearm being utilised.

Rory, his companions, and three adolescents engaged in an early-morning altercation in the vicinity of a 7-Eleven convenience store. As per court documents pertaining to the Salt Lake City Police Department's investigation, a single shot was discharged into Rory's chest before the two groups could even begin exchanging blows.

After his death, his companions Jimmy Ledford and Will Griffith revealed the location to Rory's parents. Detectives report discovering a spent 9mm shell casing 30 metres (100 feet) distant.

A 9mm handgun was discovered in a safe in the 15-year-old's bedroom after video surveillance was utilised to track him to his residence.

The 15-year-old's grandfather reportedly told police he gave the adolescent the firearm as a gift and took him shooting nearly every week, according to the police report.

According to reports, the suspect informed his companions that he had fired "into the air" rather than intentionally. Utah law prohibits the naming of him on account of his advanced age. At six weeks, Rory's parents relocated from Scotland to the United States.


He developed into an ardent skateboarder and skier as an adult. His family stated that his ear-to-ear grin and daring feats and acrobatics would forever remain in their memories.


The Swimms stated that whether the adolescent is tried as a juvenile or an adult may be determined at a court hearing in January; this determination will have a significant bearing on potential sentences if he is convicted. The death penalty would not be applicable in either case.

Allison Anderman of the Gifford Law Centre, an organisation advocating for gun control in the United States, stated, "Purchasing a firearm in good faith as a present for another individual is not inherently unlawful.


Robb Swimm advocates for the prohibition of purchasing firearms for individuals under the age of 18, or alternatively, for additional regulations concerning the storage of weaponry provided to teenagers.