Supreme Court blocks Biden's decision to end migrant expulsions under Title 42

The Supreme Court has halted the decision of the Biden administration to prevent the expulsion of migrants under Title 42. The Supreme Court said that the Biden Administration cannot just simply end the exclusion of migrants on the grounds of public health. This intervention by the Supreme Court has created a massive hurdle for the Biden administration which was planning to create a new immigration policy. The Republicans in 19 states in the US have filed a lawsuit claiming that ending title 42 will create more chaos for US nationals and will risk their health. This lawsuit is still being accessed by the court, because of which the court has ordered the Biden administration to put its decision on hold for now. However, the Biden administration has expressed their firm 

Title 42 was applied by former President Donald Trump to prevent migrants from entering the country when the world was battling the COVID-19 pandemic. Title 42 allowed the US government to directly expel or deport migrants who have entered the country without any documentation. Because of Title 42, the migrants cannot exploit and ask for Asylum or medical help to avoid being deported out of the country. The policy has helped the US government to significantly reduce the influx of migrants who cross the borders without any documentation. The Title 42 policy was supposed to end on 21 December as stated at the time of its announcement, but the termination was stopped by  John Roberts, the Chief Supreme Court Justice. 

The lawsuit filed by Republicans caused John Roberts to withhold the decision of terminating the Title 42 policy. The Republicans are trying their best to keep the Title 42 policy in place as it was introduced by the Republican president. The attempts of the Biden administration to terminate the Title 42 policy have allowed the Republicans to corner President Biden and the Democrats. Republicans have a firm stand regarding the Title 42 policy as they believe that the policy has done a significant job in addressing the border crisis for the US as the number of migrants trespassing into the US borders from Mexico and other countries had risen to an alarming level. But after the announcement of the Title 42 policy, the number of detentions at the Mexico-US border has increased exponentially, indicating the contribution of this policy in reducing the influx of migrants. Because of this, Republicans accused the Biden administration of favoring the illegal migrants who are trespassing in the US, which has increased the crime rates against US citizens, as per the Republicans. According to the current developments, the lawsuit is expecting an oral debate on this issue from both parties regarding the termination of this policy, either in February or March 2023. Based on this debate, the court will release its decision by June. However, the decision of the court to delay the termination of the Title 42 policy has sparked anger among immigration activists across the country. They believe that everyone is liable to have access to Asylums as per international regulations.