Tesla recalls over 1.1 million vehicles sold in the US market

Tesla, the largest manufacturer of electric vehicles in the world, has issued a recall announcement for over 1.1 million vehicles that were sold in the US market. The reason behind this recall was the safety issue with the windows, which can cause the user’s fingers to get pinched severely. Tesla submitted the flaw in a letter written to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, stating that Tesla will be fixing the issue with an Over-the-Air or OTA software update directly to the vehicles. Starting from November 15, users will receive a notification for the OTA update, which will fix the safety issue with the windows.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration stated that several Tesla models have shown this flaw which causes the user’s fingers to get stuck in the windows closing forcefully, hurting them in the process.  NHTSA said that Tesla’s windows without the proper automatic reversing system could potentially harm the users before retracting automatically, thus increasing the possibility of injury. This recall announced by Tesla covers a range of its vehicles sold over the past few years such as the Model 3 sold between 2017-2022, the Model Y sold between 2020-2021, Model S sold between 2021-2022 and the Model X. These are some of the most popular models of Tesla’s electric vehicle lineup. As per Tesla, this issue is a software bug and will be handled similarly. Instead of users needing to visit the service center or the physical repair shops, users will receive a software update on their vehicle computers.  Tesla noticed that the company noticed the issue during the production operations last month. Tesla also added that the vehicles under production received the software update on September 13, which fixes the issues and lets users set the power-operated window function as per their requirements. Tesla also cleared that this issue has not resulted in form of warranty claims, user injuries, emergencies, or deaths.  This was not the first time the company issued a recall request. Previously, Tesla has announced recalls several times. According to the NHTSA data, there have been almost 40 recall requests by Tesla for various models from its EV lineup. In May 2022, Tesla recalled 2021-2022 Model S, Model X, and 2022 Model 3 and Model Y vehicles with a reason of impaired Auto Steer and Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) performance and jittery and restarting CPU, which increased the risk of a crash. In April 2022, Tesla recalled 2018-2022 Model 3 Performance and 2022 Model X vehicles on the grounds of the speedometer not being able to show the unit of mph or km/h and the second-row seat not properly strapping the passenger, increasing their chances of getting injured during a crash. In March 2022, Tesla recalled the 2018-2019 Model S, Model X, and the 2017-2020 Model 3 vehicles due to the vehicles failing to follow the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard which deals with the rear visibility. Most of the recalls by Tesla in 2022 were due to the flaw in crash detection and crash management systems. The recall of over 1.1 million Tesla vehicles is one of the biggest recalls for the company.