The cruise liner P&O Britannia crashes during Mallorca storms

During a tempest in Mallorca, Spain, a cruise ship detached from its moorings and collided with a cargo vessel.

Britannia, a P&O Cruises ship based in Southampton, was described by passengers as having "floated away like a paper boat" after it broke loose. A walkway collapsed into the water as well.

P&O reported that a limited number of passengers are being treated onboard for minor injuries. It was stated that the ship will remain in Palma to enable for a technical evaluation.

The commander informed passengers earlier that there was no structural compromise.

People aboard the ship captured images and videos of the incident, which depicted an emergency response and floating detritus.

According to passenger Gavin McCoy, the "unexpected drama" occurred while the local fire department and crew were conducting an emergency drill.

At approximately 11:00 BST, a sudden rain and wind storm tore them away from their dockside moorings, severing tethering lines, water hoses, and causing the walkway to collapse into the sea, he mentioned.

Mr. McCoy said that he was sitting by the window in the coffee shop, and the first thing they saw were the blue dockside reception tents flapping in the wind. 

Another passenger, Dale Hopkin, described the situation on board as "insanity" as the sunbeds "began to flip."

Mr. Hopkin from Blackpool stated that he could not see out of the ship's windows due to the heavy downpour. After the vessel broke free from its moorings, he said, "it floated away like a paper boat." The personnel could not have been more helpful.

His wife, Tracey Hopkin, described the situation as "a little bit of drama" and said the ship came near to the harbour's breakwater rocks.

She reported hearing "a very loud, grating noise" and "couldn't believe what she was seeing." She praised the actions of the staff and stated that the ship's commander provided regular updates.

The storm is likely one of the catastrophic thunderstorms that will affect the Balearic Islands.

The islands are experiencing torrential rainfall and winds of up to 120 kilometers per hour (75 miles per hour). The conditions caused the cancellation of more than 20 flights, according to Spain's airport operator.

Until Monday, weather warnings for portions of the archipelago have been extended.

The captain informed passengers over the PA system that there was no structural compromise, but that Deck 5 had suffered minor damage.

Mr. McCoy reported that everyone was safe and that there was no problem on the ship other than a few scrapes and bumps to one or more lifeboats. "The numerous passengers on excursion coaches will be able to board again," he added.

P&O stated that passengers will have access to onboard amusement and activities while technical teams evaluate the ship.

The cruise began in Southampton and is scheduled to return on September 1.

This is the second occasion in recent weeks that bad weather has caused an emergency on a Southampton ship. On August 4, the Queen Mary 2 broke free from its bow mooring line and drifted off the quay.