The first address as prime minister of the United Kingdom by Liz Truss

Liz Truss will be elected as the next prime minister of Great Britain after defeating Rishi Sunak in the tensely contested Conservative leadership election. Liz, a former foreign secretary, has always had a knack for politics; at just seven years old, she even played Margaret Thatcher in a school play. Liz is now the third woman to rule the country, after Theresa May and the Iron Lady, after defeating Rishi Sunak for the position of prime minister. Liz's path to this point hasn't been straightforward, though; she started out as a Liberal Democrat before joining the Conservatives after her stint at Oxford University. Despite the disclosure of her affair with Tory MP Mark Field, she was elected to the Greenwich council in 2006 and won her position there in the 2010 election. She officially joined the administration in 2012 as a minister of education, then in 2014, she was promoted to secretary of the environment. Liz also held the position of justice secretary before being appointed as chief secretary to the Treasury. She transitioned to her most senior position as foreign secretary in 2021. After an internal campaign that lasted all summer and was prompted by Boris Johnson's departure in July, she defeated her opponent by 81,326 votes to 60,399 votes. After winning the leadership campaign, she promised to move on with her tax cuts plans and address the escalating energy problem. Ms. Truss has called for implementing additional such programs and supports the Rwanda plan. She also wants to enhance the capacity of the Border Force by 20% and crack down harder on illegal immigration. League table systems may be implemented for police stations and forces to promote improved procedures. Police would look into every break-in, according to her pledge, and would spend less time on "Twitter rows and injured emotions." She favors the creation of a domestic abuse registry and wants to provide specialized domestic violence training. A financial catastrophe that has never happened during a time of peace will be faced by Liz Truss when she assumes office tomorrow. According to what we have been told, she will do this with £100 billion in public cash, a significant rise over the sum her predecessor, Boris Johnson, spent on furloughs during the Covid crisis. Truss, who has long been considered the favorite to succeed Johnson, will follow him and become the fourth prime minister of the Conservative Party since the 2015 election. The nation has been through numerous crises, and it is currently facing what is expected to be a protracted recession brought on by the nation's spiraling inflation, which reached a record high of 10.1% in July. It will be necessary for the prime minister to make a transparent U-turn in light of the fact that he or she spent the summer campaigning on a platform vowing to stop giving out such "handouts." But the most basic needs will be met for Truss. All parties involved in the energy industry—producers, sellers, and buyers—are sobbing. The failure of many small businesses is imminent. After 12 years of Tory control, Truss will be required to use state interventionism from Labour.