UK's Royal Mint unveiled Coinage Collection with ​King Charles III's first effigy

UK’s Royal Mint showed the official effigy of King Charles III, which will be imprinted on the coins coming to market after he acceded to the throne. After the death of Queen Elizabeth and the end of her 70-year-long reign, her son, Charles Philip Arthur George became the king on 8 September 2022. Upon becoming the King, he decided to accept the name King Charles III for his official title. As a part of the same, the Royal Mint will be creating the coins with King Charles III’s portrait. As per the announcement, these coins will be released into circulation by the end of 2024. The coins will be in circulation alongside the coins having Queen Elizabeth’s portrait. In the portrait, King Charles will be facing from right to left, opposite his mother, Queen Elizabeth.  The Royal Mint of the UK showcased the first Official Effigy of King Charles III as a part of a Coinage Collection. This Coinage Collection is being released in honor of Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. This is the first time when the official effigy of King Charles III is being showcased since he became the King. An effigy is a term that is used to describe a life-sized sculptural representation of a specific person. The effigy which is used in the Coinage Collection representing King Charles III is created by the artist named Martin Jennings, a famous British sculptor. This effigy has been officially approved by the King to be printed on every coin which will be part of this collection.  The Royal Mint has been creating coins for the Royal family or the Monarchs for the past 1,100 years. The firm takes special pride in striking every coin that was ever released under the majesty of Queen Elizabeth II, which accounted for 70 years. Just like the same, the Royal Mint said in an announcement that it feels pride in announcing and striking the first effigy of King Charles III, the current Monarch. The royal family follows a tradition of coin striking, where the face of the Monarch is always struck in opposite directions to the previous Monarch. In the case of the coins with the face of Queen Elizabeth, she was facing from left to right. So, for the coins made with the face of King Charles III, he will be facing from right to left.  The Royal Mint of the UK announced that it will be releasing this coinage collection on October 3, 2022. This will include one of three reverse designs. Martin Jennings, the creator of the first effigy, said that he was delighted to hear that the King enjoyed his sculpture and liked it enough to give it a place on royal coins. He said that the King was very much interested in the design of the sculpture and offered him a very positive response to it. Martin Jennings, who originally received training as a calligrapher, studied several pictures of King Charles III, to get the perfect portrayal of his just one side. And judging by the response he garnered from the King, he seemed to have done a great job.