US shot down suspicious Chinese weather balloon

The US has dropped down the Chinese weather balloon which was observed roaming over sensitive places in Montana state. Upon its discovery, the US Defense officials conveyed the findings to the White House and their Chinese counterparts. China later confirmed that the weather balloon was indeed theirs which drifted out off its decided trajectory. When the balloon was discovered, US officials decided to track the balloon instead of shooting it down because of possible hazards due to falling debris. Once the balloon reached the ocean, the US F-22 fighter jets strike down the balloon. The remnants of this weather balloon were then collected by the US Defense officials for further analysis of the information this balloon may have carried along. The Chinese officials however said that the US officials and the US media are giving way too much importance to a simple weather balloon. 

The tales of this weather balloon started in the state of Montana which is home to one of three nuclear missiles of the US. It is also the 341st Missile Wing of the Air Force Global Strike Command. Thus the US Defense officials took the situation extremely seriously as this balloon could pose a significant threat to the country. The balloon was first seen roaming over the Aleutian Islands in Alaska. It then traveled to Canada before entering the state of Montana. Understanding the seriousness of the situation, Lloyd Austin, the US Defence Secretary, and General Mark Milley, the chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, had a meeting where it was decided that instead of shooting down the balloon, the US Defense will be monitoring its trajectory. Once the balloon reached the ocean where the danger of falling debris was minimal, the US shot down the balloon to analyze it further. 

This whole situation has further eclipsed the global image of China due to accusations of spying. However, Chinese officials have been suggesting that the balloon indeed drifted off to the eastern shores thus reaching the US. Considering the image of China on a global scale, the spying accusations do seem more plausible, but many are thinking the opposite to that. One reason for this is the discovery of another similar balloon roaming over Latin America. And second, and a pretty major reason is Antony Blinken’s visit to China which is scheduled for this week. Antony Blinken, the US Diplomat, is visiting China this week in an attempt to keep the relations between the US and China healthy. This visit carries extreme importance to China, thus even Xi Jinping is rumored to meet him in person. Thus, China purposefully sending such weather balloons, which can be traced with ease, to spy over the US seems unreasonable. Even if the balloon was indeed developed for spying, sending it during such crucial times just does not scream a desired outcome. Thus the explanation of the accidental delivery of this weather balloon into the US airspace seems more legitimate. However, it is just as true that this incident has made the relationship between both countries even more sour than before.